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Levin Furniture Reviews

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  • Damaged Mattresses and mismatched box springs

    Purchased mattress and box springs on 11-30-2016. Was promised delivery on 12-08-2016. Delivered damaged mattress and mismatched box springs. Was re-ordered and promised delivery on 12-15-2016. Delivery was made with mismatched box springs AGAIN. The delivery time was suppose to be 2:30--4:30. After repeated calls between , the delivery did not show up until 9:15 pm. The delivery man called at 8:30 pm and told me that I WOULD HAVE TO RE-SCHEDULE BECAUSE HE WAS NOT GOING TO WORK 16 HRS. I told him someone from corporate had said that the delivery would be made. He was very RUDE and NASTY.... More...
    (Delivery Services)
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  • Levin Protection Plan

    Bought end tables & sofa table which are wood with a slate insert. The slate covers about 90% of the top. Bought added protection insurance at Levin. I called to say there are gaps between the wood and slate, so if something would spill it would get between the gaps and ruin wood. I could not believe the response from their Customer Service! I was told only the wood is covered...so I guess we only have insurance on half of our tables! Funny.......we were never told we would only have to pay 1/2 the cost of the Protection Plan. We were told by the saleswoman it covered spills, nicks,... More...
    dman15e's Picture   dman15e    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tempur-pedic King Mattress

    Wife and I bought a KING tempur-pedic bed set and had delivered 6 months ago from the Washington store. The 2 delivery guys were awesome and took off their snow boots, set up was great and we have had no complaints as of yet. We are going to buy a sofa soon from Levin. Id recommend Levin to a friend. FYI those type of mattress have a smell tot hem for the first couple weeks and their rock hard for a couple days f its cold outside. More...
    levinr34343's Picture   levinr34343    1 Comments   Comments
  • Cheap furniture that falls apart and company won't stand behind.

    My wife and I have made two separate purchases at Levin over the last year and a half. The selection was nice and the price seemed reasonable. Their sales service was friendly and didn't perch over us as we looked around, but was very helpful when it came time to selecting everything. Delivery time wasn't horrible - I believe it took a couple of weeks to get our furniture delivered. I had pretty much decided not to look anywhere else for furniture from that point on, until... A year and a half after we bought our living room set, the frame on the sectional we bought started to... More...
    phnowicki's Picture   phnowicki    0 Comments   Comments
  • Levin Furniture

    We bought a flex steel recliner sofa, $2,000, and when it was delivered you could immediately tell that one end piece did not fit properly. The service man came to check it, tried adjusting it, and it did not work. We were told "that is just the way reclining furniture comes, it will break in. ". Then, the seat area started sagging on the same side. We had it replaced and it seemed ok. Now, less than a year since we bought it, the back part of that area is sinking back further than the rest of the sofa! AND the seat is sinking again! Every time we call for a repair, all we get are... More...
    dksome's Picture   dksome    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Terrible Terrible

    In 2009 we bought furniture from the Montrose location. It fell apart with in 3 years of us having it. The manufacturer gave us what we spent on it for a reselect within Levins. We went in knowing we wanted Leather and knew about how much we wanted to spend. We had a very nice sales lady help us. We told her exactly what we wanted and she showed us a couple options. We told her we had a dog that does get on the furniture so we wanted something that would last. She confirmed that the set we were getting was all leather except for the backing but we did not care about the backing. She told us... More...
    ETMB's Picture   ETMB    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible

    I recently purchased a king size mattress, with an adjustable base. The floor model was comfortable and the base was a nice little treat.The bed set arrived and the delivery guys brought it upstairs, Without taking they're snow and mud covered boots off, then they decided it would be a good idea to slide the boxes across hardwood floor. Turns out it wasnt such a good idea, a 27 inch long by 1.5 inch wide piece of the hardwood floor is no longer there now. Next the mattress that arrived is hard as a rock and you can not feel the "massage" function. My wife called Levin in... More...
    dgaurrich's Picture   dgaurrich    0 Comments   Comments
  • levin furniture/credit

    apbunce's Picture   apbunce    0 Comments   Comments
  • Levins classic home furniture

    I bought a suite of furniture in April this year 2014, within 6 weeks it had started to pill badly I telephoned the branch Levins McMurray PA and was told this was normal and to buy a fabric shaver which I did after that I had to shave the cushions and the arms each week (more than most men shave) I phoned the branch to complain again this time they sent a man around to inspect it, he told me it was normal and then decided to shave it for me however he said his shaver was broken !!! I let him use mine and it took him an hour. I told him I was not happy as I did not buy a suite of furniture... More...
    sylviahaughan's Picture   sylviahaughan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Awful customer service

    My husband and I have purchased from Levin furniture several times before but we just bought a new sofa and chair set and when it came to the delivery there wasn't a call before delivery and the drivers didn't knock on door plus company policy was not followed of taking a picture of the front of house for proof of visit.(store management promised to send email of photo never was received).rescheduled many days later.We were not valued customers More...
    (Delivery Services)
    311Pope's Picture   311Pope    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unbelievable bad service and customer care

    I ordered a wardrobe, two chest of drawers, bedside table. mirror and a bed from the Bearewood store. When I ordered the furniture I asked the salesman if they would assemble the bed for me and if they would take away all the packaging. As I am disabled this would be difficult for me to do. He assured me they would. When the furniture arrived I was told they couldn't assemble the bed or take the packaging away. It was an extra charge. I told them than in that case the could take the stuff back. Reluctantly they agreed to do what I asked. It then transpired that they had brought the... More...
    laceylurcher's Picture   laceylurcher    1 Comments   Comments
  • levin furniture consumer complaint

    My husband and I went to Levins for a couple of recliners after sitting in most all of them we narrowed the search down to three or four we sat in one then sat in another for a couple hours we found one we really liked so we purchased two that was in august 10 they were delivered last week sept 12 not a special order just not in stock. I made a trip to the store the week before just to refresh my memory of what it looked like. You know color size comfort .Well couldn't find the recliner in the store but found a chair with that number on it. No it wasn't not the chair we wanted... More...
    higherlove's Picture   higherlove    0 Comments   Comments
  • Levin Crap Furniture and Crappier Customer Service

    We purchased a four-top kitchen table and chairs and a couch and oversized chair in September, 2013. The furniture was delivered in October and by January, 2014 two of our four kitchen chairs were broke and the zipper on the chair cushion cover had split. Once the third kitchen chair broke, I went to the Bedford store to file a claim. They sent a technician out (who was actually very nice) who told us that he had to turn in a report and Levin would decide if they were going to fix or replace the chairs and the cushion cover. A week and a half later they called to say they were replacing... More...
    levinsucks's Picture   levinsucks    1 Comments   Comments
  • Damaged Furniture

    Hi To whom it may concern. My name is Miss Sandra Smith. I purchased Waldrobe which was a damaged furniture after waiting about 6 weeks to be delivered. Since then I have had nothing but problems with customer services at Levines who told me I cannot get a refund or money knocked off for the damaged items which I am still waiting for them to put right. I would prefer for someone to give me a call if possible as this will take alot of typing just to explain the situation. As this has been going on since June 2013. So it would be better to ring me if possible thank you... More...
  • Levin defective chair with wrong ottoman delivered

    My husband and I bought a chair and ottoman on 08-08-13. Chair and wrong ottoman delivered on 08-30-13. Correct ottoman delivered on 09-04-13 after multiple follow up calls. Still waiting on correct chair after being told it would be available approx. 10 days. Called today and office staff told me at not arriving until at least early October. Spoke with manager, Rick, who said he check expected delivery and would call in 30 min. Three hours later and no return call, not even to say he couldn't get delivery info yet. No regard for customer once Levin's gets your money. More...
    Juliette's Picture   Juliette    0 Comments   Comments
  • Levin Furniture- broke before they took it off the truck

    We went to Levins to buy sofa for 2 rooms (total of 4)When we looked at the Berhardt sofa we were told that this was the top of the line. We were skeptical about if it would fit. We were told by Chris the manager that was on duty that if there was a problem the restocking fee would be waived as long as we bought other furniture from that store. We went with it and when the furniture finally arrived it wouldn't fit in the door way of our family room. We spoke to Chris or Christen and she denied ever saying that about the special order item. We decided to put the sectional in the... More...
    tshumaker352's Picture   tshumaker352    0 Comments   Comments
  • "Extended service warrenty" worthless

    My wife and I bought a three couch set from Levin a few years back. When we attempted to invoke the warrenty, we were told all sorts of limitations that the salesperson did not reveal. Since we attempted to use it three times in three years, it was plain that no matter what, they'd find a reason not to honor it. Today, to add insult to injury, we got a "certificate" to save the amount of the warrenty on a new purchase (excluding anything that would be substantially covered by the amount, mind you). As if we'd ever trust Levin again! More...
    Alexk1952's Picture   Alexk1952    0 Comments   Comments
  • Levin - Total Disappointment and Waste of Money

    I thought about just writing a support ticket but I don't hold out much hope that I will get anywhere with it so I'm just going to write my review and hopefully help others avoid the waste of money that I am enduring. We ordered an entire living room suit to the tune of around $3000 in late October. After going over 15 years without buying new furniture we were looking forward to getting something new. The quality of the furniture is extremely disheartening. We received the furniture at the end of October. The loveseat had a scratch on it the day they delivered it. It is a... More...
    SK123's Picture   SK123    1 Comments   Comments
  • bad furniture

    I got furniture, last march. I got a new couch and recliner. the recliner is the one that looks like leather.The couch is a big big couch. the recliner is wore out and so is the couch. the first recliner broke after one month.They came looked at it, and was going to try to fix it. I told them no your going to give me a new one.They did give me a new one. But you would think that after 10 months that the funiture would have lasted longer. I bought the furniture their thinking i would be getting quality.I guess i was rong.And them giving 50% or 57% off.. their riping people off.They have the... More...
    davskevs's Picture   davskevs    0 Comments   Comments
  • Scam

    I purchased an off-white sectional with the service protection plan. After getting a stain on the couch I called the company to come out and clean it. They stated that they cannot clean it due to it being over five days. The company stated that I should put a hole in the fabric and they will replace it; however they cannot guarantee that they can replace it. I purchased the plan from the sales person because she stated that it was useful and to just call to have it cleaned. A huge waste of money!!! Not only will no company in the community clean it; they stated that if I attempt to... More...
  • Horrible Service Levin Furniture

    My husband and I have recently bought over $4,000 worth of furniture from Levin within the last 10 months, including a recliner we are suppossed to pick up this week. Our couch and loveseat combo we bought in August 2011 busted within 6 months. Recently we just had a repair man come out who agreed that both mechanisms on our couch/recliner are busted and all the cushions on the couch and loveseat lift each time you sit on them. You have to manually fix them each time you sit on the couch and they still stick up looking horrible and cheap. The service department told me that even though... More...
    dm107's Picture   dm107    1 Comments   Comments
  • Location: North Olmsted

    Recently purchased a home, just bought a coffee table - will NOT return to Levin for any add'l furniture nor would I refer anyone to this store. Terrible customer service - received a damaged coffee table and was first told they would not replace it. Then was told that they would, but I would have to return it to the store for them to see. THEN told I would have to pay the shipping charge to replace the damaged good. Placed on hold for 20 minutes, hung up on, and when I called back, was then told I wouldn't receive the item for another week. The manager of the store lacks customer... More...
    jtmarie's Picture   jtmarie    0 Comments   Comments
  • Protection Plan

    Do not waste your time and money at Levin, this place is the worst place to buy, trying to sell they will lie to you and will try to sell useless products like extended guaranties or protection plans, doesn't matter how hard you try to explain the problem they will always find the way to avoid any repairs, the warranty they sell is a SCAM, it doesn't protect anything More...
    jc21773924's Picture   jc21773924    0 Comments   Comments
  • Need Help

    My husband and I bought a new home (my first time ever) and I have a unique way of decorating. For instance my dining room set is black base with glass top and 4 princess chairs. When I saw the display at your store in N. Olmsted, OH it had 4 different color chairs (bamboo,  tangerine, ice, green apple) to show the options and I chose one of each because it looks fabulous. That's just an example of how I love color and choice.  So it was a no brainer for us to buy our living room, dining room, and bedroom set all at Levin. We did have to travel a bit to East Side to get... More...
    (Repair Services)
    kimberleyliou's Picture   kimberleyliou    0 Comments   Comments
  • I would NEVER go back to Levin!

    Back in August I visited Levin Furniture on Broadway (Cleveland area). I purchased a couch, chair and ottoman. I did not care for my salesman because he kept rounding the prices UP. When I brought it to his attention he just chuckled and kept the prices rounded up. Then he told me the ottoman was a "factory drop". He did not explain what this meant, but told me I would have to pick up the ottoman myself. (I wondered why was I paying $89.99 for delivery if I have to pick it up?) Anyways I asked to speak to a manager and she was very nice. She apologized for the price... More...
    AmyFigliano's Picture   AmyFigliano    0 Comments   Comments
  • a gas customer also

    I shopped Levin Furniture on May 2, 2011. I purchased at end table and I was picking the table up at the store myself. When the clerk was adding the bill up she informed me there was to be a $20.00 surcharge added to the bill due to the gas prices being so high. Can you believe this I drove to the store order the table which they keep no stock on hand and I am picking it up at the store myself and they are charging me $20.00 due to high gas prices. How about us as a customer the high gas prices does not effect us? I don't see Levin paying me to shop at their store. I spoke with the... More...
    dbianco5050's Picture   dbianco5050    0 Comments   Comments
  • fraudulent credit dept

    Bought furniture Dec.28, 2008 - no payment/ interest for 2 yrs. Furniture not delivered until Jan.17, 2009. Have money taken out of paycheck for 2 yrs so I'm able to pay bill. Have balance IN FULL ready to go early Jan. Each bill for 2 years shows due date 28th of each month. Get bill for Jan.and it shows due date for 28th. As I'm enclosing payment coupon in payment envelope, I read in TINY print "payment in full due Jan 3". It's Jan 7. Call to discuss issue with customer service, but they're only willing to reduce $1500 of interest to $900. Attempted... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
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  • Customer Service

    Ordered a couch and loveseat from Levin Furniture in Montrose (West Akron). Couch and loveseat were supposed to be delivered in 2 weeks. Delivery people arrived with only the couch. Said that the loveseat would be another MONTH. Called Levin, since I assumed this was a mixup. No call back. The loveseat is delivered a month later. It breaks with in 1 month (it is a motorized recliner). No call back aafter 3 calls. WHAT A JOKE! STAY AWAY. This was the most expensive couch and loveseat they had. I understand things happen, but this is Levin wont even call back. STAY AWAY!!!! More...
    LevinStinks's Picture   LevinStinks    1 Comments   Comments
  • delivery

    we bought a sectional on april 9th and was told it would be delivered in 2 weeks, it was 3 week and called. we were told it would be delivered by the end of april, then was told it would not be delivered until at least may 19. we were told so many different excuses by the manager, that you could tell that everyone was lying. we were not even given an apology for the delay. since we got rid of our old set, we have no furniture, and have company coming on may 10th. they left us in a real bind. we have bought all our furniture from leven.s for the past 35 years, but it will be the last.... More...
    jada626's Picture   jada626    0 Comments   Comments
  • Love

    too many folks are quick to write on the internet when things go wrong. i recently bought a king tempurpedic at levin's and couldnt be happier. my appointment was for 11:15 this morning, and in all this snow, guess what? they were here at 11:10! I was thinking Id be here all day. Instead, I'm laying on my new mattress typing this email and cant wait to sleep on it tonight. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    raker2's Picture   raker2    0 Comments   Comments
  • HORRID SERVICE, will NEVER buy from there again

    I purchased a sectional from Levin about a year ago and have had NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS since i purchased the sectional sofa. One month into having the sectional the cushions on the sofa were worn and looked like a 25+yr old worn couch. I called customer service, they scheduled a contractor to come out and about a month later he finally decided to bring the cusion. He made it very clear that it was a problem for him to bring it out because the cusion was so large that he had to keep making extra trips (and like thats my fault??????) then when he made it into his schedule to bring it... More...
    (Repair Services)
    melmel22's Picture   melmel22    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst service

    I would like to discus my most recent and last purchase from Levin's. My complaints start with the delivery of my furniture. My delivery was scheduled for Saturday, 1-9-09, between 2 and 5. They arrived at 5:25 and because of their lack of experience in assembly they did not finish until 6:45. The drivers were disrespectful and rude. The hit my walls with the furniture in 3 different spots with little / no concern. They also ignored my requests to unpack the furniture on my dry shoveled driveway and instead unpacked it in the snowy street. They wreaked of smoke and looked and talked... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    chrislew07's Picture   chrislew07    0 Comments   Comments
  • Levin customer review

    Poorly constructed leather reclining loveseat - 6 months old and have had service twice for staples working out of leather - now between the seats the fabric is ripped from the mechanisms that make the seats recline - I feel that at only 6 months old this loveseat needs to be replaced. Even one of the employees I spoke to - before I was referred to Chuck agreed with the replacement. Obviously even during these trying times with the economy, Levin is not interested in customer satisfaction More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Levin complaints

    Purchased a leather reclining loveseat in April 2009, have had service twice to remove the large staples that have worked their way out. Also have ripped fabric between the 2 sections caused by the mechanisms that cause the seats to recline. 6 months old and "Chuck" refuses to have it replaced. This should not even be a question - 6 months old - shoddy work - should be replaced. This is my first and last purchase at Levin More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Sandra92's Picture   Sandra92    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mattress set

    I had e-mailed a negative about Levin in a previous e-mail. I had bought a mattress set in 2002 and since then they have had to replace the mattress three time, this will be the fourth. Levin gave me a 20 yr. warranty and Sealy a 10 yr warranty. I was told by both that I would have to pay a money difference this time for the replacement. Well, I felt for all of this inconvenience I should not have to pay anything since the set has a warranty. Well, they discontinued the name of the set I had to that is why they told me I had to pay a money difference. When I went up to Levins store and met... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    momc's Picture   momc    0 Comments   Comments
  • sealy mattress

    I bought a Sealy mattress from Levin in 2002. I am not very happy with them right now. Including the mattress I bought in 2002 they are going to replace my mattress for the fourth time. The name of the mattress I originally bought they discontinued selling.I guess because there were so many problems with that type of mattress? Well, here is my problem. Levin gave me a 20 yr warranty and Sealy a 10 yr warranty. Remember the mattresses only lasted about 2 yrs for each one before they had to replace it again and again. So, Levin and Sealy said they would replace it again for the forth time,... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    momc's Picture   momc    0 Comments   Comments

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nancyandhubby says: (9 months ago)
We will never buy from you again,,we ordered a swivel rocker to be recovered with a plain grey material. On March 18,We were told 3 weeks for delivery, then it was to be delivered on the 26 of April, now it is May 3, It is only a chair, not a 10 piece livingroom suit, this chair when it does get here, will be thoroughly gone over. and it better be perfect..I wish I could cancel it, because your company has sure went downhill.

grandpap03 says: (4 years ago)
Can I get an email address for Karen Misick, she handles
all your printing needs

Blue says: (9 years ago)
My wife and I orderd a Kitchen Island, first it was 2 weeks for delivery then after 2 weeks we find out it will be another 3 weeks. well the delivery folks show up on a Wed then before they took it in the house we had them sit it down at the door so we could inspect. Guess what damage to the leg which was split. So they call there dispatcher and they said they would redeliver a new one on Sat which they did. Once again we had them sit it down to inspect and it was the same island only they tried to glue the leg together. I told the drivers to get all of the items out of my house and I called to get a refund fortunitly we paid with a credit card. The manager told me it was impossible that they redelivered the same island and he as much as called me a liar. Never ever shop at any Levin for your own good.

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